August 3, 2014

Dear Doug,

As you know these past few months have been hard for my family and I financially. Riding horses is a very expensive sport. What you have done by lending me a sponsorship for Nationals and not charging my Mom and I for the shoeing on Sailor has lifted a huge weight off our shoulders. I am very grateful for that. My experience at Nationals was so awesome. I would not have changed anything about it. I cam 4th out of 10 riders and got a perfect score on my alternate ride 😀 I could not have been happier. The sponsorship you sent me allowed me to enjoy my experience at Nationals so much more and it helped my Mom relax a little bit about make the trip happen.

People say this sport is so competitive and it is only for certain people, which is true, but people also say only the rich make it far in this sport. It may be easier to be rich this this sport, but its people like you that give inspiration and hope for people who are not rich to make it far in horseback riding. I am very thankful for what you have done for me these past weeks. But I am also thankful to have such an awesome farrier!! Those shoes you put on Sailor have made HUGE improvements for him! And I am sure he is thanking you as well. Before you know it Sailor and I will be back in full motion and kicking some ass next show season!

Again I would like to thank-you soooooo much for all you have done for me and my Mom. It means the world that somebody would do that for us.


Armed with current knowledge and the easy confidence that evolves from abundant hands-on experience, Douglas exhibits a no-nonsense approach to foot care that is invaluable to the horse owner/enthusiast.

– Margaret Malthaner

I first met Doug about 10 years ago when I needed help with my young mare with laminitis. My veterinarian asked if I’d be willing to have Doug work on her feet since he had worked successfully with him on a number of other difficult cases. Knowing my vet’s extremely high standards I didn’t hesitate and so began a decade long relationship during which Doug has successfully returned my mare to soundness and given excellent care to my other 2 horses as well. They aren’t the easiest horses to work on…one needs sedation even for a trim due to a complicated history of multiple medical problems as a young horse. My oldest mare (25 years young) cannot extend her hind legs out very far so it is very difficult to trim and shoe her back hooves. Doug’s calm patient manner with them makes what could be a real struggle into a smooth, relatively relaxed process. I know Doug keeps up with continuing education in his field and is excellent at dealing with hoof diseases and problems. My horses are sound and have rarely lost a shoe in the ten years he’s been shoeing for me. I would highly recommend Doug to anyone looking for a farrier. Thanks Doug for your excellent care of my equine ‘family’ !!!

Elana Guild from Woodstock, ON